Celtic Ring & Gallia Anniversary

Wool 7th Anniversary Gift


Wool symbolises the 7th Wedding Anniversary Gift or quite simply any 7th Anniversary Gift.

Introducing our handcrafted pure wool gift-boxed bracelets set. Choose between our best selling Celtic Ring Bracelet or the similarly designed Gallia Bracelet. So you can select one of each design or two the same, the choice is yours, its personal preference, just let us know at the time of ordering.

The Celtic Ring Bracelet is our signature piece and consists of the Tibetan Silver Celtic Ring and our own pure mocha coloured wool. This bracelet is a very popular unisex choice.

The Gallia bracelet has a gorgeous rose gold coloured Celtic Ring as its centre piece and is complemented by 100% pure cream wool from Summer the Shropshire sheep.

Both bracelets are handcrafted on the farm alongside where our flocks raise their future generations.

Your two chosen bracelets will be presented in the attractive gift-box which is being provided absolutely free, plus the Tibetan Silver Anniversary Heart giving that extra special celebration 'wow-factor'.


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    *Second Bracelet

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