Château Neubourg

Château Neubourg – 24 bottles


a 100% natural pilsner from the Netherlands

Château Neubourg is one of only a few lager beers in Europe that has not been pasteurised. As a consequence, the natural taste and flavour are fully retained in each unique and elegant blue bottle. Neubourg (5.5% ABV) is brewed by a small family brewery in the southern Netherlands. They grow the barley and two different hops organically and locally. The water comes from the brewery’s 500 year old subterranean wells.

Neubourg won a prestigious prize at the 2013 European Beer Star in Munich, the biggest and most important beer contest in Europe where beers from all over the world are being judged. In 2015, it was chosen as the best pilsner in the Netherlands.

A case 24 bottles of 330 ml, delivered to your door.

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Tasting note

Neubourg is a pilsner with character, perfect for the connoisseur. Served in a stylish blue bottle, it stands out from other beers from the very start. Straight out of the bottle, Neubourg pours clean, clear and yellow-gold, with a striking and full-bodied white head. From the outside you will smell grain, malts and a hint of beautifully floral hops. Neubourg has a beautifully full flavour and a noble, hoppy bitterness. An initial refined acidity with tones of fruity blossom and soft herbal combinations form a wide aromatic barley structure, which grows fruitier through the long and intense finish.

The clean floral flavours of Neubourg go wonderfully with party foods of all kinds. It is particularly lovely alongside fruits and light cheeses, though it can also be really enjoyed with deserts, especially meringues.