100% Pure Shetland Wool Bed Socks


Made to any size especially for you. We get all of our Shetland yarns from Jamieson’s of Shetland Spinning Mill in Sandness, which is about 20 minutes drive from my house!


Bred in Shetland,

Sheared in Shetland,

Spun in Shetland,

Knitted in Shetland.


Remember that colours may vary due to the settings on your computer or phone screen.


Our 100% Shetland Range of socks are not made to be walking socks. The yarn we use is a Woollen spun yarn, and so doesn’t have the strength of our Superwash Range, which is a Worsted spun yarn. These socks are made for lounging around at home, keeping your feet all toastie warm. A length of yarn is included with the socks for any darning needs!


We give a 1-3 day processing time on our socks, this is because we may need to make them especially for you! That means we need to crank (knit) them, wash them and then dry them before they can get to you!


Remember that your socks will be coming from Shetland. This means there might be a delay in them getting to you as we are 100 miles north from mainland Scotland, and if there is stormy weather, the ferry taking the post south might not run! Send us an email if you are worried!

Ready to ship in 1-2 business days from United Kingdom (UK)


UK 1-2, UK 3-4, UK 5-6, UK 7-8, UK 9-10, UK 11-12, UK 13-14, UK 15-16


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