New for 2018The best just got better!

We’re always on the lookout for innovative ways to help our stallholders and commercial partners reach even more customers, and this year we’ve come up with a brand new facility for the Shop For Something Different shopping marquees and events.

Shop For Something Different – now with goody bags!

Our new, ‘done-for-you goody bag service’ gives you the chance to get your quality merchandise, offers and marketing campaigns straight into visitor’s hands, regardless of whether they visit your stand or not.

In fact, you don’t even need to have a stand at all. If, for whatever reason you’ve decided you can’t have a stand at one of our events, but love what Shop For Something Different stands for and the discerning customers we attract, goody bags are the next best thing to actually being there yourself.

We take care of everything for you

We’ll have a clearly marked stand at every event with staff to hand out free Shop For Something Different branded goody bags to visitors packed with samples, vouchers and promotional items.

It could be your products and promotional items in the goody bags as we’re introducing a complete fulfilment and distribution service at every one of the 32 events we’ll attend throughout 2018.

If you love the idea of goody bags but want to stand out even more, you’ve also got the option of making up your own bespoke bags. You could even have them personalised to your brand! Just deliver your bags to us and we’ll do the rest!

Looking for a great marketing opportunity – it’s in the bag!

Added value

Goody bag samples are a low-cost and well-targeted method of introducing your products to potential customers and are seen as ‘added value’.


When coupled with a money-off voucher for redemption against the full sized, full price stock, samples create the opportunity to build customer loyalty and work particularly well with the type of premium products on offer through Shop For Something Different.

Get straight to a prime target audience

Our events are known for not only being very well attended, but also for attracting people who are looking for high quality and original items. Shop For Something Different shopping marquees attract genuine shoppers, not just ‘browsers’.

Make your marketing spend work even harder

Putting a stall together is an investment of time, effort and money and whilst we know that Shop For Something Different events prove to be good value for stallholders, wouldn’t it be even better if you could reach more people and give them something to remember your by after the show has moved on?

Build your customer base

Goody bags full of vouchers and coupon codes give the opportunity to share through supported website and social media based redemption offers, extending the feel-good event experience long after the doors have closed.

Email for further details or call 07730 034417

How the goody bag service works and other questions…

Q: How does it work?

A: We have our own stand and staff within the marquee who will distribute the bags and promote your goods or services.

Q: Do I need to have a stand?

A: No! We’re offering this opportunity to both stallholders and non-stallholders as a stand-alone service. Contact us if you have products that match the high standard of merchandise associated with our events but are not intending to have a stall.

Q: What are the charges for using the service?

A: Please email us on with your specific requirements and we will send you a personalised quote for using the service.

Q: How many bags will I need will I need to supply goods for?

A: It will vary from show to show, but we will carry surplus bags over from one event to another. The footfall for all the shows combined is well over a million quality customers.

Q: What can I include in the general bags?

A: Almost anything, although we will restrict goods that clash with those of another exhibitor, it will be a case of first come, first served!

Q: Are there any limitations on what I can include in my own bag?

A: No, but see previous answer.

Q: What about foodie treats, chocolates etc?

A: All very welcome as long as they’re wrapped!

Q: How do I get my items to you for inclusion?

A: We need to receive them at our fulfilment centre at least 7 days before the event:
33 Tokenspire Business Park
Hull Road
HU17 0TB

Q: Do I have to book for this service?

A: Yes, please follow the link here.

Q: Can you make my bespoke bags up for me?

A: Yes, simply send us your goods and we do the rest.

Q: Will the bags be event-specific?

A: No, but it’s up to you what quantities of products you supply, so that may be enough for only one event if you wish.

Q: Is there a limit to how many items can be included?

A: Not if you are supplying your own bags. As long as the customer is happy to carry it around you can include as many products as you like.